We offer, Small Group, 1 on 1 and open gym pricing. We stride in making your personal training experience the best you've ever had. With a team that knows how to modify, push when needed, keep you accountable, and help you with your nutritional needs! Starr Health and Wellness is one of the best gyms in Ozaukee County and we have a great atmosphere with a great view of Lake Michigan!

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Small group training is a great way to get the accountability and the structure of 1 on 1 training but in a group setting. We focus on different days for strength (Monday - Wednesday - Friday) and different days for cardio training (Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday).

Strength days are made around building lean muscle mass and gaining some serious strength. We focus on compound movements to maximize building strength in more than just 1 area. We want to break down as many muscles as we can so we can grow stronger, faster. We also can experience some great calorie burning during this time which will help burn our fat as well! Strength days are the days we suggest for most beginners to start with. We can modify any workout, have bad knees? We have a modification exercise for that. 

Cardio days aren't your typical cardio, we don't use the treadmill like some other gyms make you do. We use body weight exercises to really skyrocket your heart rate to burn calories and help lean out the body! We use interval training mostly for these classes to really get the blood flowing and then take a short break before you do the exercise again. We suggest that you be intermediate to advanced to join these classes. 


1 on 1 is for those who really want to take their training to the next leveling. In 1 on 1 training we do everything you want to work on. We work together to make the best programs to really help push you to a new you quicker but in a more effective way. 

We work with clients that may have a injurie that just wont go away. Sometimes working through an injury isn't the best alternative. We work around the injury and help build some much needed muscle to help support that injury and hopefully reduce or even eliminate pain. 

We also help clinets with those specialty workouts like crossfit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc. Really anything you want to work on specific, we can do that in 1 on 1 training. 

1 on 1 training also can be a great way to get ideas for workouts while you workout at another gym. Starr Health and Wellness understands that sometimes we don't have all the best equipment. We want to help you succeed even though you don't train full time here. We also give great tips on form and what exercises you should do on certain days.  



30 min sessions - 16 different classes to choose from a day - every session package has open gym access!


4 Sessions a month


8 Sessions a Month


12 Sessions a Month


Unlimited Sessions a Month

*Each pricing is a month to month contract and these are reoccurring payments that come out when you sign up online. If you would like to break up the payments each month, please contact us at


Each sessions is schedule to your convenience.

Please contact Starr Health and Wellness to setup your first session for free! 

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$35 a session (30min session)

We understand that some people are really busy and don't have time to make a full hour long workout so we cut it in half! Get a great 1 on 1 workout with a professional personal trainer and work on everything you want to work on but just in 30mins. 

$60 a session (60min session)

60 mins is what we recommend for most people. This will give you the most time with the trainer and the most opportunity to lose weight and gain strength! The more you move the better you'll feel!

Session Packages (30 & 60min)

5 sessions 

10 + 1 Free = 11 sessions

15 + 2 Free = 17 sessions
20 + 4 Free = 24 sessions

*These payments are paid in full for either 5, 10, 15 or 20 sessions. Please contact for more info.


Available Now

This challenge will help you with nutrition and your fitness goals! We've designed a nutrition guide that will help you with your eating habits as well as the best personal training you can get.


What's included:
- 18 sessions of Personal Training
- 6 weeks of Meal Guides
- 3 Accountability Check ins
- Macros already counted (Protein/Carbs/Fat)
- Daily Calories counted already
- Grocery List for each week

*All sessions are YOUR sessions, these sessions will not expire. If you would like to setup a payment option please contact

New Open Gym Times!

Now use the gym from 5a.m to 6p.m, Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 7a.m to 1p.m for only $25!

Equipment we have available:

Squat rack, barbells, 600+ of plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, bands, treadmill, rowers, bikes, sled, ropes, cables, dip bars, trap bar, sliders, foam rollers, mats, and much more! 

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Our Schedule

We feature Small Group Training sessions every 30mins with open gym at 10a.m and 11a.m. Our strength classes are Monday - Wednesday - Friday and Cardio Classes are Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday.

(We don't offer boot camp classes any more. They were replaced with small group classes) 



110 S Wisconsin St Port Washington, WI 53074


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