Making Fitness & Nutrition Easier!

Starr Health and Wellness was founded on wanting to help everyone and anyone with their fitness or nutrition journey. Our philosophy has always been treating each member as their own person. We don't compare you to anyone else other than yourself.  We want to help you feel the best you've ever felt! Everyone starts some where but not everyone start is the same. 

Our fitness is the best that you can find and always changing up workout routines to really hit those large muscle groups to burn the most calories. We can modify any workout at anytime. You have a bad back? We got a workout for that. You have bad knees? We got a workout for that. Need to stretch more? We can do that! Nothing is too small or too big for us. 

Nutrition is best with a health coach which is what we have! Our health coach listens to you and guides you through any hard times or finds where you need more work on your nutrition. Our health coach is all about making nutrition and life make sense. Sometimes you just need a little helping hand to really kick start your fitness and nutrition journey. 

We want to help you and only you. Most gyms will ask you for a credit card and say "Have good time!". We're here every step of the way to make sure you get what you deserve with your membership! A fitness and nutrition journey is hard but at Starr Health and Wellness make fitness and nutrition easy! 

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Matthew Starr
Owner of Starr Gym LLC
Biology Degree
ACE Certified 
Medical Exercise Specialist 
Certified CPR and AED

I've been personal training for 8+ years now and love every minute! I always said that if I ever win the lottery that the gym would be free for all. Unfortunately, I haven't won yet. 

I'm very down to earth. I understand that not everyone is the same. I understand that life gets in the way. We have a 8 month old (currently) and he's with me all day at the gym, so I don't get to workout as much as I use to. It's hard to find that time you use to have. I just tell myself that all I need is 30mins and I can get a good workout in. If it's just walking down to the gym or just stretching. I'm still going in the right direction of my fitness goal. I also understand that not everyone likes to eat the same. I will be the first to admit that I have a ice cream addiction. I just don't beat myself up when I eat 3 ice cream sandwiches. I tell myself that I will get back on track tomorrow and I do because there's no more ice cream sandwiches in the house. 

The best part about my job is meeting new people and getting to help them in all different ways. I can't wait to see what the future holds and hope I can keep meeting new people and helping them through their fitness or nutrition journey! 

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Sara Starr
Owner Starr Health and Wellness LLC
Certified Health and Life Coach
Master of the Kitchen

Living a healthy lifestyle was not my first passion. Growing up, you would never find me exercising or playing sports and by the time I was in my early 20s it was starting to show. I wouldn’t say I even really enjoyed working out at first, it felt more like a chore that I “should do”, not something I wanted to do. I kept with it though and started seeing some results (months later). My energy level started to increase and I started noticing I was making better choices in my eating habits even though I wasn’t consciously on a “diet” 

Fast forward a couple years, I became a Certified Health and Life Coach because I want to help people realize their goals. Through my journey, which now includes motherhood, I’ve learned tools that make creating new, healthier habits easier. It still takes work and dedication, but it doesn’t have to completely suck the entire time.I’ve also learned how life throws us curve balls, completely derailing us, and how to pivot and get back on track, even if it’s a slightly different track. 

You’ll often find me in the kitchen making healthy eating more attainable and exciting through our meal kits, salads, protein balls, and smoothies. All of our food has been tried and tested in our family, even our son, Lincoln, enjoys what he can have! When I’m not in the kitchen I try to drop into a class. 

I’m not perfect by any means. There are still plenty of weeks I might not workout at all, or desert is on the menu more often than not, but there is always the next day (or even the day after that) to improve. We cannot strive for perfection. We can only do the best we can given the circumstances for that particular day. 

I look forward to continuing to collaborate with people creating the best version of themselves, knowing that version will change and grow with time.